Piggery The vision concerning this project is simple. We will breed the pigs.  At a point in time, we will give out pregnant sows to village church leaders, who will take care of them. Later, we will take some of the weaned piglets back to the Center or pass them on to others.  This way, we hope to improve the economic welfare of these village Christians.

    We need donations to buy sows and boars - $50 per one.

Beekeeping We have already trained many Christians in this area.  We have also given out several hives to them.  We hope in the future to train as many village church leaders as possible, who will also train others.

    Beehives - $15
    Beesuits - $10
    Boots - $5

Grass Cutter Farming This is a huge economic venture.  Grasscutter meat is lean and loved both locally and internationally - see  We need funding for the pens and initial breed.

    Pens - $2000
    Grasscutter - $200 per set of 4

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